Tuesday, September 28, 2010


What is real in this world of lies?
I have been reading/thinking about life, love and philosophy. What exactly is life, do we really exist?
I have come to a few conclusions and would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
What is love? Is it real? Or is it a lie? I've realized that love is a set of emotions, and most people involve fear with love. Ex. "I'm afraid of him hurting me."
Does love come down to how much you think and feel about a person? The more time that person spends on your mind the more attraction you have to that person? Not necessarily attraction, but the more open you are to that person. The more feelings that arise when communicating with that person creates a stronger bond? Whether its feelings of anger (fear based) or feelings of trust (love based).
But I digress.
Back to the matter of life.
Could it be that humans are extremely primitive in consciousness/cognitive processing? We only use a tiny % of our brain capacity, and why is that? If we were to be able to use more of our brainpower would it lead to an evolution of sorts? Possibly comprehending more dimensions or understanding what we really are?
Oh, and also. Has anyone ever thought about thinking about what they are thinking of, from a 3rd persons view? Looked at actions outside of your own perspective?
This is how change occurs, I bleev...


  1. I think we're a lot alike, you and I.

  2. Lol that made me almost slightly confused. Very deep though.

  3. something to ponder...

  4. i get the same way sometimes.. love is a mysterious thing.

  5. You're a bit off on that brain usage part, we can use all of our brain, just not at the same time. Different parts of the brain control different things, which makes using it all pretty much impossible. Large % of brain usage comes from multitasking, which is actually bad for you and the more you try to multitask the worse you get at it.
    Also, life, love, whatever it is, it's just a set of chemical reactions in your head. You might think we all perceive things differently (and we do, to a certain extent) but in reality, humans are the same species, after all, so these processes work the same way.
    What actually makes a man different from animals are his choices. We choose not to only follow instinct and this makes us human. We choose to do a lot of stuff that we could get by without but it's the fact that we choose to that matters.
    And to think about "the meaning of life" or something like that is counter-productive because the end result will simply depress you.
    Watching cats, dogs, birds do pretty much nothing - they're born, they grow up, have kids, raise them and die - it's silly, isn't it? Well, ever thought that we are exactly the same to someone higher than us (aliens/religious crap/whatever).
    Ah shit, should stop before i get carried away

  6. Perhaps my entire comment here is a lie
    Perhaps I did not type this
    I don't really feel much

  7. Pretty much was going to post something similar to Andu but I like the blog, keep up the good work!

  8. Interesting stuff, man. Keep it up!